Oh boy. Memorial Day Weekend, the traditional start of summer (so soon?), is almost here.

If you're road trippin,' be prepared to spend much of your three-day weekend huffing exhaust fumes from the comfort of your vehicle. Traffic data service INRIX gave us the 411 on the upcoming holiday crush, including ways to beat it:

An INRIX rep broke out the data for L.A., but it's pretty much the same as it is for the rest of big-city America:

-Friday will be the worst day to get away.

-Leaving for your road trip extra early or extra late on Friday might save you some time.

-Monday afternoon will be the worst time to return from said trip.

Credit: Eric Demarcq / Flickr

Credit: Eric Demarcq / Flickr

According to the service (which has reduced the price of its traffic app from $24.99 to $9.99 through May 29), getaway traffic will start building as early as … 1 p.m. on Friday, with the worst congestion peaking 1 to 2 hours earlier than usual!

Expect the return rush from 2 to 4 p.m. on Monday.

INRIX says you should leave early or after 6 p.m. if you want to beat the Friday parking lot. In L.A. we have to imagine that the time would be later — 7 or so — as 6 is still a pretty lousy time to be on a freeway around here, even on a regular weekday.

INRIX traffic analyst Jamie Holter:

The drive out of town will be much different than what drivers experience on a typical Friday.

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