How To Activate Your Spiritual Gifts (Even If You Don’t Think You Have Any!)  – with Oliver Niño

Oliver Niño, also known as “The Spiritual Activator,” is a Sacred Geometry and Energy Activation expert, thought leader, and celebrity spiritual advisor to stars such as Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Nina Dobrev. As founder of the Geo Love Healing Methodology and author of ‘Spiritual Activator’, Oliver has almost two million students from over 60+ countries, as well as an extensive celebrity clientele. He is on a mission to teach others how to clear, protect, and unblock their energy so they can attract more abundance, love, and purpose in their lives.

The truth is, that everyone is born with a spiritual gift. Everyone. But Oliver, it seemed, was born “giftless” into a family of “gifted” individuals…

His mother could sense future events soon to happen, his sister could heal people with just a touch, and his grandfather communicated with spirits. And then there was Oliver… with no talent, no spiritual skills, and no gifts to speak of.

At least that’s what he thought.

Until one day in Sedona, while he was meditating atop of an energetic vortex, he suddenly received flashes of images and colors – blues, purples, spirals, and pyramids.

He brushed the visions off as hallucinations. Figments of his imagination due to concentrating so hard during his meditation.

But then, something strange happened…

As he passed by people on his way out of the nature preserve, he could see auras of lights surrounding them. And he could even feel strange sensations and tension in certain parts of his body.

He couldn’t explain how, but somehow he knew the tension he was feeling in his body corresponded to stuck energy in their body. Energetic blocks. Physical ailments. Diseases. Heartbreak.

He could feel it all, and somehow – though he couldn’t explain how – he knew exactly how to fix it all too.

He had accidentally activated the spiritual gifts he didn’t know he had.

And since that day, he has helped 2 million people from 60+ countries all over the world unlock and activate their own spiritual gifts through his 8-week certification program.

In his new book, Spiritual Activator, Oliver is making his teachings and methodologies even more accessible.

Oliver says: “Everyone is born with a spiritual gift. Everyone. So no matter who you are, how long you’ve been ‘normal’, or what circumstances you’re currently dealing with, you can heal yourself, improve your life, access infinite abundance, and even use your gifts to facilitate healing in other people.”

Oliver explains that there are 5 common spiritual gifts – and just about everyone on Earth has one (or multiple) of them…

The Channeler, the Transmuter, the Psychic, the Hands on Healer, and the Akashic Records.

  • Channeling – is the ability to communicate with angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters in the form of either information or energy. Channeling can take many forms, but oftentimes, it just appears as a “block of thought” or “random idea” that pops into your head.
  • Transmuting – is taking negative energy, recycling it, and returning it as clean, positive, and powerful energy. When you are a transmuter, you will notice that people feel noticeably more positive and happy after spending time with you.
  • Psychic – is when you are intimately in touch with your third eye—which acts as a portal to different frequencies. What this means exactly will vary for each person. But the most common form that a psychic gift will take is as simple as “just knowing”—you may not actually see or hear any specific messages at all. But instead, you are filled with a knowing of something that you can’t quite explain.
  • Hands on Healer – the ability to physically heal others through the power of their touch and thoughts. Reiki is a form of hands-on healing that many people are familiar with—but there are many other forms.
  • Akashic Records – people with this gift are about to see intimately into the life and death of a person. They can clearly see and predict catastrophic events, natural disasters, and so much more.

Whether or not these gifts resonate with you, or the degree to which they resonate with you, will depend mostly onhow in-tune you are with your energetic being.

Anyone can develop their gift and learn how to strengthen, harness, and control them. The more you practice, the stronger and more apparent your gifts will become.

Here is a 6 step ritual that Oliver recommends for you to begin tapping into your spiritual gifts.

  1. Set an intention for stepping into your gift for the highest good, so you can do your purpose work. Exactly what you say is up to you, but here’s a prompt to get your wheels turning: “I am fully stepping into, and claiming, my spiritual gift so that I can fulfill my purpose of work and contribute to the highest good of humanity.”
  2. Optional: burn palo santo or white sage to cleanse your chakras and your space.
  3. Envision a white light coming down from the heavens, pouring into the crown of your head, and filling up your body.
  4. Be still, quiet your mind, and focus on your intention.
  5. Watch for signs of your gift manifesting in your everyday life (keeping a dream journal is a good idea!) And most importantly – take action when you see a sign.
  6. Like all things – the more you practice, the more you listen, and the more action you take… the easier it will get.

Remember, you could have one gift – or you could have a combination of gifts – only you can identify and activate the gifts that lay within.

To purchase Oliver’s book, Spiritual Activator: 5 Steps to Clearing, Unblocking, and Protecting Your Energy to Attract More Love, Joy, and Purpose, click here.

And for more tips and advice on living a gifted, joyful, and authentic life – follow him on Instagram.

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