How Steve Sidd’s Father Made Him the Successful Entrepreneur That He is Today

Every kid gets inspired by at least one person who makes a significant difference in their life and influences their major decisions. For Steve Sidd, that inspiring figure was his father.

The drive to run a hospitality business is traced back to Steve’s father, who had been in the catering business before Steve was even born. When he was in primary school, and all his friends were at the beach surfing or going out,  Steve’s mother used to put him in a taxi and send him to work with his dad. Most of his childhood was spent in his dad’s kitchen, watching him run the club’s catering and restaurant business.

Steve became passionate about the food business; he became curious about how his father operated the business, and that’s where his drive to run a successful catering and hospitality business stemmed from.

Sitting in a freezer and watching his dad pass the food plates out to customers greatly impacted Steve as a child. All the heat in his dad’s fiery kitchen made the whole experience a lot more fascinating for him. It used to mesmerize him. Over time, he just knew that this was something he wanted to pursue. It became his dream.

As soon as Steve finished school, he went straight up to his father and told him that he wanted to open a restaurant. In reply, his father asked him to create a business plan for him. Steve designed a business plan, proposed to him, and the rest is history.

Steve grew and challenged himself from then onwards because he was never satisfied. He always wants to achieve more. From childhood, Steve always knew that he wanted to do something big. Over the past 26 years, Steve has embraced all the challenges the industry has sent him with an open heart because his love for the business is indefinite and unconditional. That very same love has resulted in him managing 26 dining concepts with over 40 event spaces where he has employed more than 350 people to work.

When we are at the absolute peak, and every venue is pumping, and we have got functions going on, and we have got full capacity restaurants, I have got to pinch myself because you don’t realize until the moment you see everything so under the pump and that’s what keeps driving me,” Steve humbly shares. He acknowledges that he couldn’t have been here without the support of his people, including his parents and the executive team. With their small help, he has established an extensive network of dining spaces and venues and is on his way to achieving so much more!

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