How Rudi Riekstins Is Creating Long-Lasting Systematic Change In Organizations That Drives Performance, Dollars, and Fulfilment

Rudi Riekstins is the ultimate guide on the road through vulnerability and towards purpose and meaning. A Leadership Visionary, Business Mentor, and Coach, Riekstins’ guidance and services bring a holistic wisdom that leaves people seen, heard, and empowered in the workplace.

Vulnerability, purpose, and engagement – the workplace is starved for it. Rudi Riekstins is the executive coach and business mentor driving a paradigm shift in our approach to workforce empowerment and leadership training. With a perspective that considers all facets of being, the holistic guidance of Riekstins transforms the workplace into a source of profound meaning – driving performance, dollars, and fulfilment. 

Riekstins has built his coaching services as an anecdote to the many mental burdens of the modern day workplace: extreme stress that drives high-performers to burnout, lack of purpose in one’s work, and poor alignment amongst teams. Calling on Riekstins’ guidance, an investment into self-development, brings healing to these deep-rooted issues, freeing individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.

Riekstins’ passion to serve, teach, and inspire people manifests in a variety of environments. He may be motivating an entire organization, or a particular team, or delving deep into one-on-one leadership development – each is an opportunity to give insight that imparts the blessing of being seen and empowered. 

The high-performing clients and teams that Riekstins coaches enjoy a perspective that rests outside of the corporate norm. In workspaces run for generations on stoic instincts, the raw vulnerability and humanity of Riekstins’ coaching is a light in the darkness – teaching how to lead from the heart.

If the clients and teams are high-performing, why do they turn to Riekstins for coaching?

Insecurities are hidden away, left to fester, and grow into distrust that tears apart workspaces and communities. Such is the human condition. Nobody, not the illustrious, the successful, nor the highest-performing individuals are immune to feeling inadequate or fearful. This omits energy that is perceived and responded to by everyone around – whether it’s consciously realised or not. This stress snowballs, concealing our purpose and meaning.

Coaching sessions with Riekstins begin here. 

The momentarily uncomfortable and ultimately healing truth is this: the path to triumph over these feelings passes right through them. It is a meditation – an examination of emotions and the events that brought them. Riekstins points the way, on a road marked with questions that are the beginning of the journey. 

The first direction: name the emotion.

Riekstins says; “When I can name the emotion of what I’m feeling, it reduces the chemical dumping my body full of anxiety, stress, or fear.” This transforms a fight or flight response into a feel, release, and replace process. This enables you to “recreate coherence between the left and right brain,” returning the mind to its grounded centre.

There’s a calm there – within it, power. 

Getting there requires vulnerability. 

To name a negative emotion is to admit it exists – a daunting step that some never take. The surprising realisation is that the presence of an engaged and trustworthy listener makes naming emotions easier. To achieve this, Riekstins fosters a “safe space – we close the door and have a heart to heart.”

Clients who brave the plunge into raw vulnerability find a compelling voice and a judgement-free ear in their coach. The act of naming the emotion is an “amen” moment for Riekstins. It’s a meditation, an expression, and the manifestation of darkness – finally being brought to life. It’s looking at the puzzle and recognizing the missing pieces.

Where are these missing pieces? 

Riekstins takes a holistic approach, inviting clients to graph out the quadrants of their life. Sales may be great, but how is your physical health? Business may be booming, but how is your relationship with your family? How are you – unconsciously – carrying the weight of lacking areas into the other quadrants of life? 

Riekstins wants his clients to have more than financial success. Happiness comes when all facets of life are working towards fulfilment. That takes the burden of stress off our shoulders, freeing our ability to be fully engaged – in work and in life.

With a coach like Riekstins to nurture you, the recognition of unhappiness marks opportunity.

The beautiful realisation: you get to fix it, change your mind, and redefine yourself. Then everything changes: you begin to crave the shift and your mind prepares for the excitement ahead. This opportunity exists within the present moment: in Riekstins’ words, “everything you ever wanted – everything you believe something will give you – already exists within you. You have to allow it, love it, and support it.”

This discovery of meaning is what that the workplace is profoundly seeking. 

The people within a business need to be seen and celebrated, their individual skills put to fruitful use. Whether coaching a leader or an entire team, Reikstin’s teaching brings a supportive, uplifting, and inspiring culture to the work environment – in turn drawing and retaining people of quality. Performance, dollars, and fulfilment follow.

Riekstins coaching process is more than a business – it is an approach that carries forward in his own life. He returns each day to the wellspring of wisdom for his own self improvement. He says that he’s “never the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, rather what is in the cocoon. I’m always in that evolutionary stage of becoming something different.” Riekstins’ guidance and coaching service serve those seeking to constantly evolve – who seek exponential enrichment in their professional and personal life.

If you are a high-performing individual feeling unfulfilled, or run a business whose culture is weighed down by distrust and insecurity, Rudi Riekstins is the guide on the path to happiness, fulfilment, and engagement. 

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Rudi Riekstins is also the co-founder of the InPowered Life Podcast and Inpower University.

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