Pick-Up Lines Are Like Lava Lamps – They Belong in the '70s.  
Although I work in the pick-up artist industry, I am not an advocate of pick-up lines. They sound cheesy and don't work. Pick-up lines are relics of a bygone era.

“What's your sign?”

“You must be tired, because you have been running through my mind all night.”
At my company, we do away with corny lines and focus more on male improvement so our clients are ready to meet the women of their dreams. Our motto is, “If you want to meet the woman of your dreams, you have to be man of her dreams.”  
Most of my clients are men who have been successful in the professional world, but not in the romantic arena. One of their problems is they tend to over think things, so we focus on the KISS approach.

Keep it Simple, Stupid!

We help men focus on verbal game, inner game and physical confidence. And so the ABCs goes from A, where attraction literally starts before you approach and talk to the woman, all the way to F. (And we all know what that stands for!)
Here are three basic steps that we always suggest men take as they approach a woman:  

    • Get Ready: Being In-State. Know what you're going to say in advance. Luck (to which men often credit their success with women) is merely the point in time when preparation meets opportunity, so make sure you're prepared. You know you're going to walk over and talk to her, so anticipate what you will do and say. It is better to simply say, “Hi” confidently than to stumble over an ill-prepared line. But practice makes perfect in spite – or because – of all the mistakes, failures and successes we achieve. Ultimately, field experience is king, and confidence is not learned – it's earned!

    • Get Set: Posture. Most of the information that women interpret comes from the non-verbal aspects of communication. Therefore posture, facial expressions and overall body language is incredibly important to projecting a cool and confident demeanor. Stand up straight, as if there was a string pulling you from the top of your head. Chin up, chest out, stomach in and shoulders back. This not only will square off your posture, but also create a more imposing and noticeable figure in the club. It's also absolutely essential to get things started by making a masculine, confident and sexually strong first impression. (This what we call “Sticking to the Approach.”)

    • Go: Do it! Luckily, this is not rocket science. I recommend standing tall, walking slowly and (most importantly) presenting a big smile. While different companies have many different approach tactics and lines, we strongly recommend walking up to a woman, planting your feet, and (with a big smile!) telling the woman that she's absolutely gorgeous. Then introduce yourself.

I have found that these open and honest introductions tend to work better than using a canned statement. Women appreciate originality rather than some corny line that has been used thousands of times. Chances are they've heard them all before.   

Image: Salvatore Vuono.

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