If you had more space in your already cluttered head, surely you would have a general idea of how long your 12-ounce bag of coffee lasts. And you would know exactly when to restock so you won't wake up on that one morning when you really need that one cup of joe, only to be sorely disappointed by not one bean left in the bag. Luckily, James Olney created How Long Will My Coffee Last?, an online bean counter that does all the math for you.

Apparently, Olney originally kept track of these calculations in an Excel file at his office, but, as all great Excel-based ideas tend to do, it became something much more. He set up the site “as maybe it'll be useful, or fun to have a look at.”

Indeed, it's both: input a few variables like how many people share the coffee (in its only odd quirk, the calculator is very sex-specific; if you're a single woman using the calculator, you'll have to be content with being characterized as “One Dude”), how many cups of coffee are made each day, how much coffee you use to make each coffee, and voila! The online abascus for the caffeine-starved will tell you approximately how many days your supply of beans will last. Now, if you would just remember the milk.

LA Weekly