How Hanabi, the Influencer Helps the Community through @GiveAwayHost

The internet is increasingly becoming a place for not just brands but also for individuals to grow in their respective fields. As the onset of the pandemic crippled economies leading to millions becoming jobless overnight, the internet became increasingly important for the majority of people in several ways. From entertainment to generating a source of income, this open space has connected millions to help each other and survive the trying times. Hanabi made a successful career through social media and is now leveraging her popularity to help others follow in her footsteps.

Hanabi was the operations manager for a healthcare company that offered care for cancer patients. With the outbreak of the pandemic, Hanabi’s career turned upside down and she became jobless. Being a career-focused woman, Hanabi didn’t want to give up on the situation, so she tried to find a means to earn money. With millions turning to the internet to explore various possibilities of generating a source of income, Hanabi thought she would do the same.

Being a certified project management specialist, Hanabi was confident about starting a new chapter in her career. She opened an account on Twitter where she met many people who were on a similar journey. With the little savings she had, Hanabi embarked on a courageous venture to start a giveaway account named Hanabi @ GiveAwayHost to help others. She knew that many people needed money or were struggling to find a job.

Soon Hanabi @ GiveAwayHost developed into a large community that currently has over 300K followers.  It is from Twitter that she came to know about cryptocurrency and its endless possibilities to grow financially. She began exploring the crypto space and found it fascinating. Hanabi wanted to help others so she started sharing valuable information about crypto along with the giveaways. Now she is increasing her earnings and also giving back to the community through her giveaway program.

To date, Hanabi has helped thousands of people financially including students and jobless people. She even paid for the surgery of a person who was a beneficiary of the charity that she joined. Hanabi is presently hosting contests for her giveaways. Through these contests, she is reaching people who are in dire need of money. Transparency and authenticity have been the foundation of Hanabi’s giveaways.

Her compassion and initiatives have been criticized by many as being fake on the internet. However, Hanabi has learned to ignore the negativity and focuses on helping people who need financial help. Besides giving away money, she is also making people aware of crypto as a way to become financially independent. Her growth from being jobless to being financially stable is proof of the amazing prospects of the cryptocurrency market.

Hanabi is an inspiration for many who are going through a challenging time in their life. The way she overcame challenges and even managed to give back to the community through @GiveAwayHost is a great accomplishment. Hanabi will continue this journey of helping others and wants to reach more people to inspire them in the coming years.

LA Weekly