Franklin Avenue's “econvenience” store Locali is the focus of an online audio and text report by examining the phenomenon of “green stop-and-shops.” Reporter Devin Browne notes how the store's wife-husband owners, Melissa Rosen and Greg Horos, stock the place with healthier versions of Kwik-E-Mart staples: hot pretzels (made from organic flour), hot dogs (grass fed) and agave-sweetened slushies.

An Econvenient Truth: Melissa Rosen
Photo: Devin Browne

There are, admittedly, a few extravagant or silly sellers in Locali's

inventory: Vegan condoms, vegan caviar and snow cones sweetened with

brown rice syrup. While these and other items are noticeably pricier

than 7-11's (those slushies run five

and a half bucks), the idea is that prices will go down as demand goes

up. Still, a place like Locali won't always prove convenient for


“There are a few 7-11 staples,” Browne notes, “that are missing from the shelves,

like cigarettes and lotto tickets. The owners say there are no green

versions of those.”

LA Weekly