It's a green green green green restaurant world. Or so it seems these days in Los Angeles, especially now that Tender Greens has opened its fourth Southern California location. The spacious restaurant in Hollywood on the Sunset-facing portion of the hardly-recognizable-as-its-former-midcentury-self Sunset Vine Tower started dishing out organic hearty salads, soups, proteins and sides last Thursday.

Behind the mild aqua tinted glass and tile exterior, the Hollywood Tender Greens has the same modified assembly line arrangement as the other locations, featuring super fresh choices such as roasted Weiser Family Farms veggies, sustainably raised flat iron steak, slow cooked pork shoulder, and other menu mainstays and rotating options. Heartier entrees and salads generally stick to the $10.50 price point. Though fresh stuff is definitely the primary attraction, sweets like the humongous cupcakes, coconut cream pie, and newfangled Ho Hos style cakes we spotted on display serve as a reminder that eating greens is not required at Tender Greens.

Credit: Photo: J. Ritz

Credit: Photo: J. Ritz

The airy interior, with its easy on the eyes palette of yellows, greens, and neutrals shades all executed with eco-friendly materials, offers plenty of seating, along with a patio out back. Parking is located in an underground lot accessed via Leland Way, one block South of Sunset.

And starting this coming Sunday, March 21, Executive Chef Fermin Arias will begin his weekly Hollywood Farmers' Market visits, and then make his Sunday Farmers' Market Specials and fresh fruit sodas that riff off of whatever gems he finds along Ivar on any given Sunday. (A related heads up: because of the Los Angeles Marathon and resulting street closures, the Hollywood Farmers' Market hours are adjusted this week only, from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.)

Tender Greens Hollywood: 6290A West Sunset Blvd, Hollywood; (323) 382-0380.

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