How Dr. Anju Mathur is bringing change to the mainstream medical field through natual medicine and healthier living

Dr. Anju Mathur, Founder of Angel Longevity Medical Center and Angel Pure MD, is offering alternative solutions to a healthier life.

Dr. Mathur’s journey to bringing better practices to treating patients began when she was working in her family practice. She found when she was treating her patients using traditional medical methods their symptoms weren’t improving over a long term period. Her patients would keep coming back while showing the same symptoms they had already been treated for. Dr. Mathur identified the problem was in the antibiotics she was prescribing to her patients. While the antibiotics would treat the symptoms for a short period of time her patients would eventually return with the same ailments.

The medicines she was prescribing weren’t treating the reason why her patients got sick in the first place. Instead of treating any ailment and boosting the immune system the antibiotics were only suppressing the symptoms, and when the medicines completed their course through the body is when the symptoms would return. Dr. Mathur says the suppression of the symptoms only predisposes people to becoming even more sick in the future.

Dr. Mathur began working in private practice and after working in the field for a few years she found she was unhappy in not being able to provide the care to her patients that would support their longevity. She began seeking to reenvision her practice, and founded Angel Longevity Medical Center.

Experiencing her own health complications led Dr. Mathur to try out alternative medicines on herself, which she could then provide to her patients. During her own health issues, Dr. Mathur was fatigued and had extreme difficulty sleeping for six months.

To treat these symptoms she began looking into natural medicines and high nutrition diets. She says she began to notice an improvement in her health overnight. Dr. Mathur developed a passion for wanting to share her experience with her patients and offer them the same opportunities for improved health and proper treatment of ailments that benefited her.

One of the hurdles she faced in researching natural medicines is the lack of education she received about them while she was in medical school. As she delved deeper into her research, Dr. Mathur came across things like detoxification, which she had never heard of before. With new knowledge on how to better treat patients using natural methods she re-branded Angel Medical Center into Angel Longevity Medical Center in 2007.

“As a doctor, I felt a moral obligation to provide my patients with natural medicines and substances that can potentially alter their health in a massively beneficial way,” says Dr. Mathur. “It would be unethical for me not to share what worked so well for me and withhold that information. If there is a possibility I can help people improve their health using natural medicines and lifestyle changes then I feel it is my duty as a doctor to do that.”

To incorporate the best practices for using natural medicines and lifestyle changes, Dr. Mathur has developed a personalized approach for each of her patients, which she calls personalized medicine. Dr. Mathur says every patient has unique traits that revolve around their genetics and environment. These traits create the need for every patient to have an individualized treatment plan. Since rebranding to the Angel Longevity Medical Center, Dr. Mathur’s patients have expressed high regard for her treatment methods.

According to Dr. Mathur, since it’s rebranding there has been a visible change in medical centers and hospitals in the Los Angeles area. She began advising clients on different types of medical tests they should receive at larger medical centers and hospitals that would be free on their insurance plan. After years of her patients requesting those tests on the advice of Dr. Mathur, doctors are now performing them on their own behalf.

When working with her patients she aims to educate them in the importance their role takes in improving and maintaining their own overall health. Dr. Mathur can work with her patients and provide them with the best natural medicines and lifestyle choices, but she says it’s up to themselves to want to do it and make the long term commitment. This involves devoting the mind, body and spirit to any lifestyle changes and implementation of natural medicines into the body.

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