How Blue Ribbon Bags Can Save You Time and Money When Flying

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Travelling can be a costly experience these days. In a post-pandemic climate and with the return of overseas travel for almost all parts of the world, there has been a dramatic increase in the cost of flights, hotels and travel experiences.

When just about every part of travel has become far more expensive than just a couple of years ago, the last thing you want is for your airline to lose your baggage en route to your costly holiday destination.

That is where Blue Ribbon Bags comes in. For as little as $5, Blue Ribbon Bags can track your lost luggage and once found, will expedite to you by the airline. If the bag isn’t found within 96 hours, Blue Ribbon Bags will pay out $1000 for each lost bag.

This fantastic service gives you peace of mind whilst travelling – leaving you free to enjoy your holiday without worrying about any additional costs.

Let’s look at exactly how Blue Ribbon Bags can save you time and money when flying.

They offer three different packages depending on your level of needs:

  • Gold – $5 cost – $1000 coverage per bag
  • Platinum $7.50 cost – $1500 coverage per bag
  • Diamond $10 cost – $2000 coverage per bag

Each package can be purchased right up to the moment of your flight’s departure, and each package covers all bags checked in, including any that are checked in at the gate before departure. Although, a package must be bought for each person flying and does not cover multiple people.

The Blue Ribbon Bags service covers all flights on every airline right across the world, so no matter where you are from and where you are going, your flight will be covered by the service.

If you arrive at your destination without your bags then you must file a missing luggage claim with your airline before contacting Blue Ribbon Bags. Once you have filed a claim with Blue Ribbon, you will receive automatic email updates if there is a change to the status of your bag – keeping you updated during the entire process.

If your airline manages to find your luggage you will be updated by Blue Ribbon Bags on the status of your bag and once delivered to the airport in line with the airline’s lost baggage claim, the Blue Ribbon Bags case will close and no further action will be taken.

In the unfortunate event that the airline does not manage to find your bag within 96 hours (4 days), your payment will be processed immediately, and you won’t need to worry about spending extra money on replacing items in your lost bag.

Payment will still be guaranteed even if your bags are returned after 96 hours – giving you complete peace of mind that you will receive payment as compensation for the inconvenience of having lost luggage.

Blue Ribbon Bags also need no proof of baggage contents for you to receive the Satisfaction Guarantee Payment – saving you time having to confirm the contents of your bag.

Purchasing a service package with Blue Ribbon Bags means that you can leave the often complicated and stressful issue of dealing with an airline’s lost baggage claim with someone else – leaving you free to get on with your holiday or get back to normal life without any additional stress.

Things to remember when purchasing a Blue Ribbon Bags service package – you must report any mishandled bags to Blue Ribbon within 24 hours of your flight’s arrival for you to be eligible to claim, and the service packages do not deliver bags – you will need to contact your airline once your bags have been found to arrange collection or delivery.

Blue Ribbon Bags is a convenient, cost-effective service that takes the stress out of your hands and leaves you free to enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind.

If you aren’t already convinced by this fantastic company and the service packages that they offer, here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider purchasing a Blue Ribbons package for your next trip:

  1. Affordable price– starting at just $5, it’s a small price to pay to ensure that you are reconnected with your lost luggage or compensated if not
  2. Guaranteed payment– you will receive $1000 for each lost bag not found after 4 days, and you will be guaranteed payment even if your bag is found after the 4 days
  3. Easy to use– once you have filed your missing luggage claim with your airline and then with Blue Ribbon Bags, everything is taken care of for you. Regular email updates will be sent to keep you up-to-date on the status of your bags
  4. Global coverage– Blue Ribbon Bags covers all airlines right across the world, so you’ll be covered no matter where you are travelling to
  5. Last minute purchase– you can purchase a Blue Ribbon service package right before your flight’s departure giving you immediate coverage for your bags – great for those unorganized travelers who inevitably leave everything to the last minute!

Purchase a Blue Ribbon Bags service package for your next trip to save time and money if your airline loses your baggage – once you make your first purchase, you’ll never travel again without it.

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