How A Desire For Freedom And Flexibility Led Serial Entrepreneur Maggie Berghoff, To Empowering The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs

After forgoing her 9-5 lifestyle to pursue her dreams, Maggie Berghoff realized how the right steps and mindset can change your life. Today, she helps people build, grow, and scale their online businesses, so they too, can live the life of their dreams.


Maggie Berghoff is living the dream. She has a flexible schedule, spends time with her husband and kids, travels, and does everything else her heart desires. But prior to building multiple successful businesses that give her freedom and flexibility, the mother of three worked as a nurse practitioner. Berghoff graduated from Vanderbilt University with a desire to impact people’s lives in a positive way, and at the beginning of her career, she absolutely loved it.

“I felt like it was perfect, like it was a dream,” she shares. “I graduated from Vandy and I got a job at a hospital that I really aimed for,” she continues. “But then I realized that all of the things that made me unique about myself, like my dream big type of personality, got sucked out of me.”

Berghoff realized that her “dream job,” wasn’t exactly a dream. Confined to working a typical 9-5 day meant not having the time or energy to do the things she loved, including spending more time with her husband, and soon-to-be family.

Berghoff always wanted to be a mom, and was pregnant with her first child when all of this was happening. She recalls thinking about what life would be like if she had to work on call, and on weekends, while potentially raising her kids at the same time. Not to mention, a few years prior Berghoff’s health took a fall for the worse. With years of unaddressed hormone imbalance and nutritional issues and the added stress of an uncertain future during graduate school, she eventually fell very sick and doctors didn’t know what was wrong.

With traditional medicine not providing her the support she needed and doctors telling her it could be lifelong complications, Berghoff took it upon herself to heal her body. She turned her attention inward, began learning about lifestyle, nutrition, mindset, functional medicine laboratory testing, and non-toxic living, and eventually, but surely, healed herself.

“I definitely feel that the health challenges that I faced, along with my desire for freedom and flexibility in my career, really led me to taking my first step into entrepreneurship,” she says.

Berghoff left her job as a nurse practitioner and decided to launch a 100% online health consulting business called Celproceo. Today she connects wellness professionals with clients from around the world to help them achieve their wellness goals. Within one year, Berghoff grew Celproceo to a multi-6 figure company. Soon after that, the virtual consulting company hit one million. She attracted clients hiring her for her wellness consulting services spanning from celebrities to college students to working mothers. Messages and calls from other health practitioners started pouring in, asking her how she is doing it, and if she can help them do the same.

“People would say to me, how are you doing this? How are you getting clients? Teach me how to grow on social media. And I would always try to answer them or point them to an interview, but whenever they asked me to mentor them, because that happened all the time, I would say no, I don’t do any mentorship, I only focus on my health business,” she says.

“And then there was one day I specifically remember, my husband and I had like ten messages in our DM’s from health professionals wanting business mentorship, and we decided that at the end of the day, we’re being selfish by saying no, because we know how to build this business so well,” she continues. “We learned a lot of lessons the hard way, but we did figure it out, and so it would be pretty helpful for us to put that into a structured program that other people could go through so they can also live their dream life as well,” she adds.

Berghoff and her husband saw a huge potential for their impact by allowing other people to follow their steps and build their own business, and just like that, her business and marketing company was born.

Today Maggie Berghoff is a business owner, leader, entrepreneur, and mentor, but also a committed wife and mother who, by taking that initial risk, is able to live the life of her dreams. She has a track record of astounding growth while simultaneously changing people’s lives. If you are an entrepreneur and would like to learn how to take your online business to the next level, visit Berghoff’s website and sign up for 1:1 mentorship, group coaching, or her business Mastermind today.

“I am so proud of our business and marketing clients. A lot of them are even doing way better than we did in our first year of business,” Berghoff says, “because I didn’t have what they have now. We give them the exact step-by-step blueprint to succeed as an online health and wellness consultant or coach.”

Berghoff truly believes that anybody can do anything they want, and can be anyone who they want in the world, so if you want to start a business, start a business. “If you put yourself in the game, that’s when you’ll get the clarity and know what the next step is,” she says. “Hire somebody to help you who you align with, someone that helps light you up and inspires you, someone in the same industry as you doing something that you may want to do,” she concludes.

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