From the If-You-Build-It-They-Will-Come Dept., the Los Angeles Conservancy's Modern Committee brings us “City of the Seekers: L.A.'s Unique Spiritual Legacy.” It's a one-time-only tour of religious sites, including Angelus Temple (pictured), where Aimee Semple McPherson started her Foursquare Gospel Church. Okay, that one's a given, but then you'll see the Bonnie Brae House in Filipinotown, where the modern Pentecostal movement started, and Chapel of the Jesus Ethic at the Foundation of Niscience in Glendale. You'll also do a praise-by of the Mission Revival-inspired Self-Realization Fellowship Mother Center in the former Mount Washington Hotel on the crest of Mount Washington. And in case you were wondering, therewill be no inclusion of any Scientology structures, since we all know what a bogus non-religion that shit is. Call for meeting spot

Sat., March 14, 10 a.m., 2009

LA Weekly