The Los Angeles District Attorney's office says that brazen home-invasion in Laurel Canyon this week in which a resident and his dog were shot was carried out in part by a 24-year-old who had been a housekeeper at the home.

The suspect, Elizabeth Hernandez, was officially fingered in the caper along with alleged accomplices Phillip Anthony Pandy, 31, Jerry Dean Cunningham, 18, and Uriel Salomon Miranda, 17. Each in foursome is facing charges of attempted murder, home invasion robbery, residential robbery, animal cruelty and fleeing from cops. Additionally, the D.A.'s office also alleges that Pandy, a felon, was the shooter and, as such, is putting additional charges in his file.

The robbery went down early Wednesday in the 8200 block of Mannix Drive. Pandy and Cunningham allegedly entered the property and were confronted by a dog. Pandy allegedly shot the canine and, as its owner confronted the alleged robbers, shot him too.

As the other suspects allegedly waited outside, the pair demanded and received cash from a safe. The D.A.'s office alleged the four took $60,000 in the hold up. Witnesses, however, heard shots and saw a car drive off. They called the authorities, and responding cops pursued suspects in a white Dodge Charger to Wilshire Vista Heights, where the vehicle apparently crashed. Suspects fled but were apprehended after a search.

The housekeeper had been fired by the victim. The man and his dog, Aslan, are said to be recovering.

LA Weekly