Recently Colombian super model and TV presenter Lina Marulanda leaped to her death from a balcony. She was distraught about the breakup of her second marriage.

You might wonder, “What does a Colombian supermodel who could have any man have to be depressed about?” but this reminds me that attractive women don't always have it easy.

Mrs. Adonis has a friend who used to be a model and is now married. Her life was anything but easy. She endured a string of broken relationships, got dumped several times and had fathers of her children walk out on her.

She has settled into family life now, but still harbors a lot of resentment. This is not unusual for women. You can open any tabloid magazine and read stories about Hollywood hotties who have terrible luck with men.

America's sweetheart, Jennifer Love Hewitt, wrote about her disastrous love life in her book “The Day I Shot Cupid.” And sultry reality star Kim Kardashian said she endured physical and emotional abuse during her first marriage.

While average-looking women might think that the pretty girls have everything, maybe they should think again. Being attractive gets you a lot of attention, but it's not always good attention.

A lot of shy guys or even average nice guys are too intimidated to talk to attractive women. This leaves the bad boys or superficial himbos who don't care about women's feelings. The Bad Boys don't give a damn whether the girl curses them out or tells them “No” to their faces.

There are legions of men who see attractive women as mere notches on their bedposts. They don't care how good or bad the sex is as long as they can brag to their friends that they nailed a hottie.

It's no wonder these women are emotionally burned out by the time they hit their late 30s. They have endured relationships with men who treated them as arm candy existing only to enhance their images.
And beauty is a non-renewable resource – every year women fight Mother Nature, and there comes a time when no amount of plastic surgery can mask the wrinkles and sagging skin.

In modern society, women hit “over the hill” status as early as their 30s, and just like professional athletes, they feel embittered when they realize that every year there are younger, fitter competitors in the game.
And that's where common sense should come in – while looks may fade, dumb is forever.

The women who invest in their brains, career and education – and date men for reasons other than their wallet or penis size – set themselves up for success.

For the bimbos of the world will wake up one day, almost 40, broke and probably bitter.

They're like the professional athletes who didn't invest in their pension plans. Now all they have left are old trophies and fond memories.

Image: Sam Gilchrist.

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