Tired of holiday shindigs filled with bad wine, neon-orange cheese logs and fugly sweaters? Then you might want to look into Eagle Rock Brewery's upcoming White Christmas Party, hosted by the fromage-loving Hot Knives duo, vegan chefs and cookbook authors Alex Brown and Evan George.

The event will feature a tasting of “five weird beers and five freaky-deeky cheeses,” which includes a selection of “white” wheat beers, including the Bruery's hard-to-find White Chocolate wheat wine, a German salt-sour beer called gose and a wafty Quebecois strong ale.

According to Hot Knives, a quixotic list of off-the-wall cheese pairings includes, “tit-shaped goat goo, a mixed-milk butter bomb, some hard-assed mountain tack, Eagle Rock's Alpine doppelganger, and a blue stinker named after a revolutionary war supply line.” Sounds festive.

Eagle Rock's White Christmas Party is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 13 from 7 to 9 p.m. Reservations are required, and can be made through Eagle Rock Brewery's website. Tickets are $29 at the door. Fugly sweaters optional.

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