Hot for Teacher

The Paul Green School of Rock, made famous in both the Jack Black flick and the doc Rock School, just opened its L.A. branch on Hollywood Boulevard, and we checked out a li’l student jam session last Thursday (along with teacher/Frank Zappa vocalist Ike Willis and members of the band Ill Niño). The next night, the young’uns played a gig at the Knitting Factory, where none other than Steve Perry came to support and was treated to an impromptu cover of “In the City,” though we think the Journey tune “Separate Ways” would have been more apropos. Despite his appearance at the band’s Walk of Fame induction last year, the singer is still not in the current lineup. [Don’t stop believin’. —ed]

Happy Anti-versaries

As far as Hollywood clubs are concerned, the prevailing philosophy is, if it ain’t broke, it will be soon, so slap a new coat of paint on the place (or change the name), and maybe fickle nightspot hoppers will keep coming. Case in point: Privilege, though we haven’t seen the inside since its “summer remodel” (an ugly white tent enveloped it the last time we drove down the strip). But there are still some places that maintain the magic simply by giving their clientele what they want, no matter what’s trendy at the moment. Two such spots celebrated major milestones last Saturday. First, the infamous Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park, which marked its 40th anniversary with a beach-themed bash thrown by rock scribe Bob Cantu featuring Thee Mad Lovers and The Red Hearts. It’s actually been years since we popped into the ol’ dive (which conjured some fond Fuzzyland party flashbacks), but its dingy look, mix of hipsters and inebriated locals (there was almost a brawl at the door when we got there), and surprisingly good sound reminded us of its crude charm. Then it was on to our favorite night of dark delights, Bar Sinister at Boardners, which celebrated its eighth anniversary with performances by the Gents (featuring former members of STUN) and the rapturous Street Drum Corps. The corset-and-fishnet set enjoyed free bubbly and sinful goodie bags, but as always, it was the decadent, lookie-loo-free atmosphere (this is one club where the strict dress code is very necessary) that made it special. Props to proprietress Tricia LaBelle for keeping this sexy affair a beautifully black-swathed bacchanal.

Pretty in Purple

Saturday also marked the grand reopening of funky Los Feliz hair lair The Purple Circle, which has a sophisticated new look. Still, the P.C. remains the place to get the best punky tresses in town, and now that longtime owner Lynn Hyndman has partnered with stylist Andrew Marlin, the pair’s collective pals and clients (which include the likes of Kiefer Sutherland,Elijah Wood and Evanescence) should keep the spot more packed than ever. Catered by Vermont restaurant next door, the party attracted a fabulously coifed crew, including Akbar DJ Mike Glass, lounge lad Señor Amor (handing out fliers for his new store/gallery Retropia) and Clint Catalyst (taking a break from the picket line outside America’s Next Top Model, where he’s fighting for the rights of reality-TV writers). Fierce!

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