Heidi Montag may be the most annoying person on television (and that includes Donald Trump, Dr. Phil and the entire cast of every dating/singing/dancing/cooking “reality”/contest on the tube right now). Still, we were willing to give her new clothing line for Anchor Blue a chance. After all, we were pleasantly surprised by co-star Lauren Conrad’s show at LA Fashion Week (which by the way, never happened if you watched the gal “working” at the event at Smashbox on The Hills this week. Weird.).

Yeah A.B. is the teeny-bopper's Gap, but hey, we still find stuff in the Delia's catalog now and again, and we hoped there'd at least be some cute lil' sundresses or something. So we bopped over to Hollywood and Highland this weekend, dubbed “Heidiwood” for the night (heave!) to see the reality's star's big courtyard fashion show.

What a waste of $2 (for parking). Paris Hilton's line is more imaginative, and that's really saying something. The “fashions” consisted of blah t-shirts, slutty short-shorts (with pumps!) and ho-hum jeans, all modeled on winners of the “Heidi Look-a-like contest” aka every other blonde girl trying to be Jessica Simpson, The Girls Next Door, etc: bad extensions, spray tans, too much makeup.

They're marketing the line as indicative of the LA look/lifestyle and no matter how much it pains us to say this, this stereotypical boring bimbo style is popular here. As we left H&H and headed for the parking lot, we were enveloped by a procession of (skinny and plus-size) pussy posses in similarly skimpy crap, all headed to The Highlands nightclub on top floor.

Oh yeah, this line will sell like hotcakes….

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