It's easy to lay the blame on Jane Fonda, with her perfectly coiffed workout hairdo and exquisite pastel leotards and leg warmers, but in the image-conscious '80s the phenomenon of the celebrity workout video probably would have found another patron saint had Jane done something rash instead, like spending her entire 9 to 5 paycheck on Ho Hos. Cinefamily's latest edition of TV Carnage: Let's Work It Out! sets out to prove that someone would have stepped up and been first, whether it be Dolph Lundgren, Marie Osmond, Lyle Alzado, Dixie Carter or Elmo (?!) — all a part of the feature-length mashup of workout video clips designed to make you long for your old Danskins and washboard abs. Just to even things out, the feature promises a few less-than-household-name contributions from weightlifters, porn stars and the odd quack proclaiming to be a doctor. MC Pinky Carnage hosts the evening. Wear your terrycloth headbands, if you dare.

Tue., July 20, 8 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly