Endurance art remains notorious for the wounds it inflicts upon its practitioners — Chris Burden shot in the shoulder by his assistant, or Hermann Nitsch’s acolytes crucified and doused with blood from slaughtered animals while an orchestra plays a single note. Slightly less dangerous is Joel Kyack’s Superclogger on 10 E Fwy (Between PCH and Downtown) . It’s a piece of endurance art — for you, as well as him — during which he puts on puppet shows for drivers caught in the inevitable afternoon jams. Counteracting road rage with roadshow rage, his four vignettes take place in a mobile theater at the back of a generic white pickup truck suffering alongside your car, accompanied by a sound track available on 89.5 FM. If you find yourself stuck behind Kyack’s anomalous psychodramas, make sure you pay attention to the road. Your rear-end collision might be the first time an insurance company pays a claim for infringing on freedom of speech. Do you really want to carpool with Gloria Allred? 10 E. Fwy. (between PCH & downtown L.A.); twitter.com/superclogger10

Fri., July 2, 4 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly