We’ve all seen it driving around Los Angeles the past year. The homeless problem is worse than ever in our city (and throughout the country) and it’s all been exacerbated by the pandemic. What are the other factors that contributed to this rise, who are the people affected (not who you might think as many are still employed) and what can be done about it? Showtime’s Emmy nominated docuseries VICE delves into the crisis with a look at the situation in Los Angeles this week.

The episode, called ‘Evicted,’ features correspondent Ben Solomon exploring housing insecurity and in particular, the increase in car living and parking lots as safe havens. When eviction moratoriums are lifted, an estimated 30 million Americans could potentially face homelessness, and as the episode illustrates, many don’t live in tents or shelters, but opt for their automobiles. Most hope it is temporary, but breaking the cycle, especially during the COVID era, is difficult. Showtime shared an exclusive clip with LA Weekly, below.

VICE’s ‘Evicted’ airs this Sun., March 21, on Showtime.

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