A non-profit for at-risk youths, Homeboy Industries, has been a successful endeavor in many ways for founder Father Gregory Boyle. But is it financially profitable? Not quite. After a difficult year for the 19-year-old organization, Boyle decided it was time to launch a food product that could be mass distributed and create additional revenue for the company. Perhaps Homeboy chips and salsa will do the trick. Sold in Ralphs markets throughout L.A. and Southern California, “the launch of the salsa is part of the turnaround effort to make Homeboy Industries financially sustainable,” says a company press release.

And beginning tomorrow, January 25, a Homeboy food truck will be rolling through the streets of L.A., giving out free chips and salsa over a two-week span. They can be tracked down through their Twitter handle @HomeboyInd.

All proceeds will benefit Homeboy programs and Ralphs is donating an additional $50,000 to the organization. Recipes for the salsa, including flavors such as morita, mango, salsa verde, pico de gallo, and mole were created by chef Pati Zarate of Homegirl Café.

Credit: Celia Soudry

Credit: Celia Soudry

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