The iconic Hollywood Sign is scheduled to be covered up Thursday as part of an “international campaign” the details of which city officials would not divulge. A Los Angeles police department official confirmed the planned cover-up to LA Weekly Monday, and Metblogs Los Angeles and LAist have published a community alert put out by the Los Angeles Police Department:

“On February 11, 2010 the Hollywood sign will be covered up for an international campaign. The sign will be covered until further notice,” it states. “Do not be alarmed, the sign will remain in place and there will be no changes done to the sign. This is just an informational e-mail so we do not receive phone calls from worried citizens.”

Both blogs note that Councilman Tom LaBonge's office is remaining coy regarding just what the cover-up is about. (Because what we really need in our public officials is more secrecy about what's going on with public landmarks).

“You'll have to wait til Thursday” to find out what the temporary sign redux is about, Carolyn Ramsay, a representative in LaBonge's office, told Metblogs.

(We're going to guess here that after the Los Angeles Times confronts city officials with the concept that whatever is happening Thursday is public information, LaBonge et. al. will come clean. But it's a bummer that the rest of the local media have to wait until the big dog barks).

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