Movie and television industry productions are prepping for a possible strike by Hollywood transportation workers if their current contract expires on August 1 without a new deal, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The negotiations began on June 14. Though it is possible the Teamsters could agree to work under a contract extension if their pact expires, the union is expected to take a vote on the matter — including on whether or not to strike — Sunday.

“If it were to happen, it would be hugely unfortunate,” Ed Bernero, executive producer on the CBS series Criminal Minds told the Hollywood Reporter. “I really can't speculate on what I might do if it happened, but unions are very important to me. So it would be a very difficult decision for me.”

According to KTLA, on-location shoots are particularly vulnerable should a strike be authorized. At least a dozen movies are listed for shooting in August, and some are already shooting in the Los Angeles area.

Executives would have to figure out how to get actors on and off lots without crossing picket lines.

If a strike breaks out, studios can be expected to boost lot security and may hire new staff where necessary to replace workers refusing to cross picket lines.

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