Randy Kagan, the L.A.-based comedian who was mauled by a patron at Hollywood Improv while doing a standup routine in April, was raving mad in the days that followed. Mad at the “fucking lunatic felon” who attacked him; mad at Improv security for not jumping in sooner; mad at the Improv in general for never paying him and treating their comedians like shit; mad at the LAPD for not having any leads; mad at L.A. Weekly for printing a witness account of his alleged back-and-forth with a girl in the audience.

But as of yesterday, everything seems hunky-dory:

“The Hollywood Improv attacker, identified as Scott Hickman, has been located by police,” says a representative for Kagan named Richard Parker via email. He adds that…

“… since the incident, the Los Angeles Police Department has become fan of Kagan's comedy, and asked him to perform at this year's annual Christmas Party, an honor that has been shared with other comic legends, including Jay Leno in 2011.”

Sgt. Jose Yearwood at the LAPD's Wilshire Station will not confirm the suspect's identity, but he says that “we do have a suspect who committed the act.”

According to Yearwood, after investigators made it clear that they would seek out the attacker if the attacker did not seek out cops first, “he came to us with his attorney.” The LAPD is now preparing a case against him that they'll present to the L.A. city attorney's office.

Parker, the rep for Kagan, claims that Sgt. Yearwood tracked the attacker down “like CSI” — “based on witness accounts and three letters of a BMW license plate.” He claims the suspect later admitted that “prescribed antibiotics altered his state of mind,” leading to the surprise mauling.

Yearwood will confirm none of this, saying only that the suspect gave “a brief explanation” for the attack, and that otherwise, “the investigation is still ongoing.”

After the show, a verified witness who wished to stay anonymous described the chaotic scene to L.A. Weekly:

“The only thing we could figure out is that [the attacker] was with a woman who made snappy comment to Randy,” says the witness.

When Kagan asked the woman to repeat herself, according to our witness, “food came out of her mouth. So Randy said something like, 'You can't even respond without spitting on yourself.'”

Cue bum-rush: A man at the woman's table “literally took Randy backward like three feet in the air and crashed onto the piano. Glasses were breaking; I got hit in the face with a piece of glass.”

Our witness told us that the man who attacked Kagan was sitting at a table reserved for The Farmacy, the West Hollywood medical-marijuana dispensary who was sponsoring the show. (Which made it extra sketchy that security was hesitant to escort him out. And the plot thickens!)

More pressing at the moment, though, is the issue of whether Kagan will perform at the LAPD's end-of-year Christmas party.

“That's in the works,” says Sgt. Yearwood, amused that we would ask. “If that happens, it would be a blessing.”

Your move, Kagan. We know how you love to perform for free.

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