Did you get a pay raise in 2010? Didn't think so.

But some of the entertainment industry's biggest titans saw jaw-dropping raises — like, so much cash they could make in rain for for years.

Philippe P. Dauman of Viacom (MTV Networks, Paramount, et. al.) saw 150 percent more in compensation than last year — a whopping $84 million in total pay. But wait, there's more:

Leslie Moonves of CBS got what amounted to a 38 percent raise — nearly $54 million in total compensation.

Robert Iger at Disney? 31 percent — $27 million.

And, slightly outside the Hollywood realm were Michael White of DirecTV with $32 million in total take-home and compensation and Brian L. Roberts of Comcast with $24 million (a 13 percent raise).

The cash in most cases includes stock option grants, performance awards and “incentives” — e.g. rewards for financial goals reached. That's a lot of incentive.

All this data is courtesy a Wall Street Journal / Hay Group study, available here.


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