Used to be, when Fido got lost chasing a squirrel across town, you'd nail dozens of little posters with his cute dog mug on it to cluttered telephone poles, hoping someone would buzz you with the good news that your pet had been found.

Then along came those tiny tracking chips placed under the skin of the family dog. But the problem was, they cost a bit. Except this weekend in Hollywood.

On Saturday, the Zoom Room of Hollywood at 726 N. La Brea, a self-described “canine social club” whose primary business is training dogs, is offering to plant a tracking chip in your pup for $5, instead of the usual $50.

Zoom Room's teaming up with Found Animals, a non-profit group trying to cut back on animal euthanasia. Citing the fact that 6 to 8 million dogs and cats — many of them lost — end up in a shelter every year, with nearly 50 percent killed by the authorities, Zoom Room's Mark Van Wye says your micro-chipped pet can help avoid a tragic end.

“This is an incredible opportunity for dog owners throughout Los Angeles,” says Van Wye in a press release.

Hope they planned for a bit of a recession-whacked, dog-loving crowd. It's set for a narrow window of time on Sunday afternoon, September 26, at the Zoom Room.

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