Make no mistake, Hollywood's biggest political players are lining up behind the 2010 re-election bid of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, The Hill has reported.

From David Geffen to Barbra Streisand to Steven Spielberg, the liberal/entertainment establishment gave Boxer barrels and barrels of dough last year:

Movie director Nora Ephron,


Actress Sally Field, $1,000;

Entertainment mogul David Geffen, $4,700;

Entertainment mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, $4,800;

Marilyn Katzenberg (Jeffrey's wife), $4,800 …

And the list goes on.

Most, if not all, of them are regular contributors to the Democratic party, and they are part of a well-financed, high-powered political machine that will be staring down blogger and senatorial hopeful Mickey Kaus.

As L.A. Weekly and L.A. Observed recently reported, Kaus is planning to run against Boxer during California's Democratic primary.

Various campaign details need to be ironed out on Kaus's end of things, but a blow-by-blow insider's account of fighting a political machine could make for very interesting reading.

Here are more people who have written checks to Boxer:

Actor Jim Belushi, $500;

Wayans Brothers producer Frederick Alvarez, $250;

San Francisco Giants Vice-President Laurence Baer, $500;

Singer/songwriter Edie Brickell, $1,000;

Actor Peter Coyote, $500;

Film director Wes Craven,


Former California governor Gray Davis, $1,000;

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, $500;

Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, $1,000

Model Kate Moss, $500;

Comedian Kevin Nealon, $250;

Legendary music executive Mo Ostin, $1,400;

Musician Bonnie Raitt, $600;

Singer/songwriter Paul Simon, $1,000;

Film director Steven Spielberg, $4,800;

Singer/actress Barbra Striestand, $1,000.

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