After news of the weekend's sexual assault on a young woman in Hollywood parking lot, we're not sure the community needs a dark alley closed off to traffic.

But at a groundbreaking at the Cahuenga Cooridor alley, perhaps best known for its role as a dank public urinal, City Councilman Eric Garcetti said it would become “a thriving pedestrian environment.” And a well-lit one at that.

As it stands, the roadway between N. Cahuenga Boulevard and Cosmo Street just south of Hollywood Boulevard isn't exactly a freeway. It's a crooked parking lot that's fairly walkable. If you like walking in pee.

Still, the city and business owners are installing lighting, security systems and new pavement.

“It's going to be great for business and great for Hollywood,” Garcetti said.

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Great for whose business?

Interestingly. You're paying for it. Or at least some of it. About $780,000 in cash for the project is coming from that deep-pocketed L.A. Community Redevelopment Agency, which is supposed to use public money to help transform urban blight.

In this case, we'd say this is a neighborhood that has already been transformed by Hollywood nightlife.

Security measures will be paid for by the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance.

We're not sure Hollywood needs any sprucing up in the name of nightlife business. There's enough of it, and now gentrified residences are starting to crop up in the form of condos and new apartments.

We predict a clash.

For now, club-goers and new residents have an alley they will no longer be able to pee in. We hope the sprucing up also includes public restrooms.

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