All photos by Mark Mauer

The side of the Korean supermarket “HK Super” hasn't changed much in a the past couple of years, which is pretty wild considering all of the MS13 tags all over the area. I found a cool shot of the building from 2005 by Piancita which shows nearly the same art, except on the far left side.

But just because it's been there for a while doesn't mean it will continue to be. The above notice says that the grocery will be torn down and replaced with condos, a new market, and other mixed-use business. It doesn't give a date and the inside of the market is jumping, but if you want to see it in person (and it's worth it), check it out quickly.

All photos by Mark Mauer. Many more after the jump.

And the crowner, from inside:

All photos by Mark Mauer.

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