AfterDarkLA has just received alert from AVN Associate Managing Editor Steve Javors that AIM Healthcare Foundation has contacted and tested all porn stars exposed to HIV from Patient Zero.

All tests were negative.

All are aware of course that further testing will be necessary due to the virus' incubation period, but my point is, once again, last week's positive HIV test has not caused an outbreak or epidemic. Pitchforks and torches can be set aside and saved for the next Republican National Convention and/or your Halloween costume.

“Everyone is still continuing to test negative,” AIM Healthcare administrator Jennifer Miller said. “We're confident that we have all the partner information and that we have contacted all the partners and done all the [initial] testing. So we believe that everyone's been notified and everybody is continuing to test negative–all partners involved. Which, as of this moment, is great news.”

AIM Healthcare HQ

AIM Healthcare HQ

By the first week of November, Miller anticipates that AIM will have final results for every quarantined performer. She declined to confirm the total number in the quarantined group.

Read more about the HIV scare and hoopla here.

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