There is a myth that beautiful women are hassled by men all the time. In fact, the more average-looking ones are approached the most often.

Men seem to automatically presume that the hottest woman in the club will be the most hostile, while the “average” looking woman will be grateful just to have a man talk to her.

Hot women indeed are stared at a lot, but only a few men have the confidence to actually speak to them, so when a guy is bold enough to approach a woman like this, he automatically demonstrates to her high value, confidence and high standards, regardless of what he ACTUALLY says to her.

Guys should always approach to the hottest woman in the club – but more importantly he should make a point to do it first!
    • The more you talk to beautiful women, the easier it becomes. The discomfort you so often feel while talking to hot women will subside rapidly. This is known as “desensitizing” yourself to the experience.

    • Hot women usually KNOW they are hot, and when a man approaches them, rather than merely stares from afar, they immediately know he has self confidence and high standards. That's attractive.  

    • Women in the club are aware of the hottest girls there. We're always watching each other – often checking them out more often than they do men! When these women see you casually walk over and talk to the hottest girls in the club, they, too, will see you as a confident man with high standards and swagger.

    • If some women see you get rejected by other women they deem less attractive than themselves, the odds of them rejecting you, too, are pretty high.
Practice approaching beautiful women – especially the breathtakingly gorgeous ones. The ones who twist men's necks when they walk by. Not only does practice make perfect, but you'll demonstrate to every other club-goer (both men and women) that you're a force to be reckoned with – and probably someone worth talking to.

Exuding this self confidence alone will increase your chances of attracting women. And keep the confidence going outside the club – it's just as important during the daytime!

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