The late Dutton's bookstore in Brentwood may become bigger and

better in death, if developer Charles Munger has his way. According to today's L.A. Times,

Munger's idea of preservationist homage is to tear down the Barry

Building, which was home to Dutton's, and rebuild an exact replica

structure. Only bigger. Three times bigger. The Mid Century Barry

Building at 11975 San Vicente Boulevard, though not a renown example of local 20th Century commercial

design (it doesn't make Gebhard and Winter's Architecture in Los Angeles), it is listed by the city of Los Angeles as an historical-cultural monument and has its defenders in the preservationist community.

If the name “Munger” rings a bell, it's because the developer is none other than a founding partner of powerhouse L.A. law firm Munger, Tolles and Olson. So not only are preservationists facing a wealthy developer, but one with an aerie of legal eagles at his disposal.

LA Weekly