As the Democrats started their short week in Charlotte with L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the helm of the party's convention, it came to our attention that this whole idea of a Latino in the White House has legs.

Long, sexy legs.

Did you know that El Segundo-based Mattel, Inc. has a “Hispanic” Barbie? And not any Hispanic Barbie, but a …

… “I Can Be…™ President B Party™ Doll.”

Yep. Latinas can be presidents party dolls too. Technically. The Textmex blog of SoCal professor William A. Nericcio made the discovery and asked the only possible question:

Is She a Democrat or a Republican … ?

She's a Democrat, professor, despite her atypically green eyes and clear lack of J-Lo booty. (Where did they find this “Hispanic?” In Marco Rubio's office?).

Credit: Mattel

Credit: Mattel

Not be outdone, however, the Republicans are proposing to Mattel the following new Barbie products:

-I Can Be Arnold's Maid AND Baby Mama Doll.™

-I Can Be a Mexican-Born Relative of Mitt Romney AND Still Be Shitted On By The GOP Doll.™

-I Can Be Born Here AND Still Be Asked For ID to Vote Doll.™

-I Can Be President AND Still Have Immediate Family Members Deported Doll.™

-I Can Be Blamed For George Bush's Great Recession Doll.™

Girls are already lining up like would-be Americans at the border. Let's hope they all grow up to be voters, at least.

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