Hillary Clinton may have dominated the Massachusetts Democratic primary last Tuesday, weathering the endorsements of both Ted Kennedy and John Kerry for Barack Obama, but she was beaten handily by Obama in her old college town. According to the Wellesley Townsman, the Wellesley College grad picked up only 2,971 votes to Obama's 3,466.

Wellesley, an affluent Boston suburb home to the prestigious, all-female college, was thought to be a Hillary stronghold. Last November, after a rough outing at a Democratic debate in Philadelphia, Hillary returned to her alma-mater, known for its commitment to feminist politics, to help get her momentum back.

The move appeared to pay off. The outpouring of support she received from the women of Wellesley was so powerful that ABC News' Eloise Harper, covering the event for the network's blog, began her piece:

“There's no place like home. Or, in the case of Hillary Clinton, there's no place like Wellesley.”

Apparently not.

Obama not only beat Hillary by a roughly 53 percent to 46 percent margin, but he nearly doubled the vote totals former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney received in the Republican primary.

The Wellesley vote may have done nothing to sway the statewide primary results, but it's hard to deny Obama's ability to find support in the most unexpected of places.

For voting results from other precincts of note, the New York Times has a fascinating state-by-state, county-by-county breakdown of the recent primary and caucus results.

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