St. Louis-born Patrick Duniven is a singer-songwriter with an almost unearthly gift for the catchy riff and the catchier chorus. As a matter of fact, his new song is so damn catchy that it’s funny. With “Fun for a While,” the L.A.-based Duniven has created one of those songs that’s so irresistibly right and true that you could swear you’ve been hearing it all your life. L.A. Weekly is happy to premiere the video for “Fun for a While” below.

A supremely melodic little choon with a peppy, Caribbean carousel fun-park vibe, on the surface “Fun for a While” is a bit reminiscent of The Kinks’ “Come Dancin’” — albeit turned pretty much inside-out. Duniven likes to shape his songs wide-open for interpretation, and that’s what you’re going to have to do with “Fun for a While,” whose lyrics detail a psychologically abstract bunch of scenarios that, if one looks/listens a bit closer, seem to hover around things like love and obsession, karma, and the grim facing up to reality after one has had one’s hardcore jollies.

Duniven and his genuinely ace band, which for the video includes legendary Ray Charles/Al Green/Aretha Franklin drummer Kenny Elliott, guitarist Adam Zimmon (Iggy Pop, Shakira, Ziggy Marley) and bassist Rob Douglas (Nick Waterhouse, Everest), bop nonchalantly away at this slyly upbeat song, even as various characters like a priest and a mysterious, lovely woman pop in ‘n’ out … and hey, what’s with keyboardist/co-producer Jerry Borgé wearing hospital scrubs?

Shot at Highland Park’s Skinnystudios, the work space of artist/designer Bradley Thordarson, “Fun for a While” is Duniven’s fifth music video, all of which have been produced in Highland Park — where, by the way, Duniven also runs neighborhood bars the York and Sonny's Hideaway (drop in and say hi). The song is the second single/video from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming fourth album, which will be titled Oh My. (Previous video, “My Mayra,” was shot at Sonny's and premiered this summer on

“Fun For a While” will be officially available on iTunes, Spotify, etc., as of the second week in December, to be followed by a Christmas single version/re-arrangement of “Angels We Have Heard on High.”

Catch Duniven live at Harvard and Stone, Thursday, Dec. 10.

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