The Cosmic Cafe sits more than 5,700 feet above sea level. Thus you can dine on sandwiches, chili dogs, salads, soups and bottled drinks as you enjoy the effects of slight oxygen deprivation. We're not talking about haute cuisine, of course, but this kind of comfort food tastes pretty heavenly when you've spent the morning traversing the woodsy wilderness — especially if you hiked up the Mount Wilson trail to get here. Best bets include the turkey sandwich, grilled chicken breast with pesto on naan bread, coleslaw, apple pie and ice cream sundaes. The cafe isn't open in the winter months. But on weekends from April through November, in addition to food, you can pick up observatory souvenirs there, as well as the Wilderness Pass you'll need in order to park in the National Forest (all proceeds support the observatory). And don't forget to visit the astronomical museum on the observatory grounds. —Suzy Beal

Mount Wilson Road, Angeles National Forest, 91023. (626)440-9016,

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