Five freshmen from Long Beach Poly High School were in court today to face arraignment on suspicion of misdemeanor sexual battery.

They were nabbed after two ninth-grade girls accused the football and basketball team members of inappropriately touching them during a lunch break. In other words, the boys grabbed the girls' privates and not, according to the complaints, by force (whatever that means).

“We don't turn a blind eye to that sort of thing,'' Long Beach Unified School District Chris Eftychiou told the Long Beach Press Telegram.

The boys were arrested at school and released to their parents. Three of the suspects were suspended from school for five days, while the other two were allowed to attend other schools in the district as the case goes through its paces.

Not to belittle the inappropriateness of the groping — girls should be free to learn without having to play goalkeeper — but sexual battery charges? For grabbing ass? Really? If this kind of enforcement were in effect in our day we would have never graduated. If we held the governor to the same standards, he might be a convict.

And what's with all the television news coverage? This was a lead story at more than one local station. One mother claimed to a reporter that the complaints against the boys had festered for awhile until enough parents complained that the district finally took action. But in finally moving, school leaders might have just overreacted out of guilt.

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