Two very special holidays for the peoples of Los Angeles happen to fall on the same Hump Day this year: 4/20 and Passover, Day 2. One is a silly excuse to dabble in unmentionables (which a certain High Times editor claims “points us in a direction for the responsible use of cannabis”) and the other is a worlds more significant celebration of the ancient Jewish Exodus.

Nonetheless — they both see their share of celebration 'round these parts. And we know many a public figure who may be forced to choose between strict observance of one or the other in 2011. Matzah or iHop? Kush or kosher? Home-bound or homies?

Or, perhaps, the two can exist harmoniously. Both holidays do place a strong emphasis on doing as little as possible. Better yet, let's ask some of the biggest Jewish stoners we know:

10. Larry David

It's hard to tell where Larry David's reality ends and character begins, but he's at least a big proponent of medical pot on the show — and always delights in a good 'n' awkward ghetto-dealer transaction. As for the Jewish part — you don't get much more Jewish than Larry.

9. Adam Sandler

He's the star of a million half-lidded stoner comedies, and doesn't exactly denounce the stuff. One of the million examples of Sandler fusing Jewdom with pot-dom: In the Chanukah Song, he sings, “smoke your marijuan-icah.”

8. Jonah Hill

Credit: Hail Mary Jane

Credit: Hail Mary Jane

“Pineapple Express.” “I Love You, Man.” “Knocked Up.” “Superbad.” “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” Need we continue.

7. James Franco

Apart from the whole “Pineapple Express” thing, did you see him at the Oscars? Don't think he remembers that night very well.

6. Bill Maher

No. 1 proponent of legalizing it. You know, for the economy. Even Mos Def knows it!

5. Andy Samberg

He's the host of Saturday Night Live's “Mellow Show,” and plays the stoney airhead way too well for method acting not to be involved.

4. Charlie Sheen

Yes, he's Jewish. Even if he forgets it sometimes. And might get his own strain of pot. Even thinks smoking the stuff is winning! (Then again, he thinks everything is winning.) OK. Just look at the guy.

3. Sarah Silverman

Famous last words: “It's 420 somewhere!

2. Seth Rogen

He's the man behind a whole new wave of accepting stoner culture and making a crapload of money off it. Pretty sure “Green Lantern” was entirely conceived and filmed while baked to the core. Which may or may not be a good thing.

1. Matisyahu

Last but not least: The ultimate union of pot culture and Jewish culture! Even if he's allegedly too kosher to smoke deh herb anymore, it's pretty much impossible to listen to a Matisyahu song without getting contact high. From High Times:

“Marijuana is a complicated issue for me, personally,” said Matisyahu, who just finished a tour with Trey Anastasio. He admits to having smoked herb in the past, but now it is more complex because he has chosen to live according to the Lubavitch Hassidic lifestyle.

Matisyahu's music combines traditional reggae beats, Hassidic chanting and fresh lyrics. His positive message attempts to bridge the cultural gap between the West Indian and Jewish communities in New York.

Just try not to reach for the bong:

Happy 420! And Passover! Do your best not to munch too hard on the matzah… It's still got to last us like a week.


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