Dec. 15 seems like a pretty normal day, right? WRONG!

According to Allstate Insurance Company, it's the most dangerous day of the year to drive in California. (Which, not gonna lie, kind of makes us want to fly this coop, take to the open roads and try our luck on L.A.'s thrilling web of freeway. Then we remember it's rush hour. Always.)

But really guys: Be careful. Allstate says that, for the last four years, the number of California accident claims on this particular day is 23 percent above the daily average.

What is it about the 15th that's so damn special?

Robert Feldman, an Allstate agency owner in Los Angeles, told City News Service that the surge can be blamed on “weather, holiday shopping or other distractions.” Still, nothing you wouldn't see on Dec. 16. We're stumped.

Allstate's advise: Turn off your cell phone and place “holiday packages” in the trunk so they don't get all shifty in the cab (which takes all the fun out of admiring our sparkly new wares as we shift with our elbow). Oh, and slow down when you notice it's foggy or raining or otherwise weathering annoyingly.

Coming in at No. 2 Most Dangerous is Feb. 14, which is at least a holiday, albeit a stupid one. We'd like to think those crashers either ODed on solitude-curing truffles before falling into a peaceful asleep behind the wheel or were racing to their lover's side in a fit of passion and just didn't see the semi coming.

Safe travels, Los Angeles! And please: Don't get all freaked out and make this a self-fulfilling prophecy. We like our statistics pure.

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