Your Crap Archivist used to believe that there were two types of people: those who put faith in angels, and those who worry that UFO people monkey around in their underpants. Since both beliefs bespeak an impossibly high regard for the importance of our species, it should come as little surprise that back in the 90s some folks held to both.

At the same time.

The result is documented in this week's Studies In Crap on our Style Council blog: a look at Extraterrestrials in Biblical Prophecy, a most astonishing blend of Revelation doomsaying and new-age “They're-harvesting-our-eggs!”-paranoia.

Right at the start author G. Cope Schellhorn


“This is not the first work to offer the idea that Jesus of Nazareth was (is) either a messiah-astronaut or, at the very least, working closely with extraterrestrial visitors to the planet.”

That's just the start of some deeply mad madness. And what do Leonard Maltin and an ascot-wearing C3P0 have to do with this? Find out over in Studies in Crap!

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