Lots of dudes out there of the 16-24-year-old demographic will tell you that they don't want to have sex with a condom because it makes it less pleasurable. Well, the next time you hear this line from some would-be one night stand, hit them with this: There is scientific evidence that condoms don't make for bad sex.

Debby Herbenick, a sex researcher at Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion, studied data that looked at the sex lives of 1,645 men and women ages 18 to 59. She found that there is a way to make sex with a condom just as enjoyable as sex without a condom — it just involves lube.

Herbernick discovered that men who used a condom with lube were just as satisfied as those who used no condom and no lube, or no condom and lube.

Herbernick told MSNBC that the research points to the need for more open conversations about sex and what kinds of products are available to make it not just safe, but pleasurable, too.

“People aren't really having any conversations about types of products related to sexual experiences and that's a shame,” she said.

LA Weekly