Scotch, meet tequila. Tequila, scotch. Things are about to get awesome. Later today, Herradura announces the release of its Colección de la Casa, Reserva. It's a wordy title for the annual small-batch series, of which no more than 14,000 bottles are produced. The 2014 edition is an 80 proof reposado finished for two months in whiskey barrels from the Highland and Islay regions of Scotland.


Herradura tequila; Credit: courtesy: Herradura

Herradura tequila; Credit: courtesy: Herradura

A taste of the expertly crafted spirit reveals an ideal melding of styles. Herradura received wet casks from the (unnamed) whiskey distilleries, meaning that the essence of the scotch was still vibrant within. All it took was a mere 60 days for those unmistakable characteristics of oak, vanilla and peat to incorporate themselves into the smooth, vegetal notes of the fermented agave. In short, the Reserva is immediately recognizable on the palate as a tequila, but it finishes very much like a full-flavored scotch. 

This particular expression is of note, as it could serve as an entry point for tequila enthusiasts interested in exploring the wide world of single-malt. Experimentation comes at a premium, however, as limited-edition bottles are set to retail at $89.99.

The third release in the Colección de la Casa line was informed by the palate of Herradura's own Maria Teresa Lara — the world's only female Master Distiller of tequila. A small allotment will make its way to Los Angeles, available at BevMo, Total Wine and Hi Times, by the end of October.

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