Arrested Development Soundtrack Release Party

The Record Parlour

November 19, 2013

Last night in Hollywood was the celebration of the release of the 42 song Arrested Development soundtrack. Although Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, David Cross, Michael Cera and Portia di Rossi were supposedly going to be there, they weren't. There were, however, “cinco de cuatro” tacos and Bluth's frozen bananas.

Series creator Mitch Hurwitz was on hand; he introduced the “prolific” composer David Schwartz, who wrote more than eighty songs for the series, which not long ago released its fourth season on Netflix. Schwartz played bass in a band that included his daughter Lucy and members of Our Lady Peace and Better than Ezra. The performed five songs from the soundtrack, including:

Lady dressed as a banana; Credit: Katie Bain

Lady dressed as a banana; Credit: Katie Bain

The Arrested Development Theme Song

This ukulele heavy track from the show's opening credits was turned into a full-on jam, complete with a trumpet, upright bass, keys and a sharply dressed man who came onstage just to whistle.

“Balls In the Air”

This “Eye of the Tiger” parody was heard in the fourth episode of the show's third season when Michael Bluth trains with Steve Holt. The performance of the song was accompanied with juggling by Lucy Scwartz. (Get it?)

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Delicious; Credit: Katie Bain

Delicious; Credit: Katie Bain

“You'll Never Hear From Me Again”

This smooth R&B jam comes from “Indian Takers,” the season four episode about Lindsay. Lyrics include: “We'll make sweet love all night, and you'll never hear from me again.”

The Band; Credit: Katie Bain

The Band; Credit: Katie Bain


This synth-heavy song from season four is written by boy band pop star Mark Cherry, who briefly adds Gob to his entourage. Schwartz noted that during late night recording sessions he'd call in Lucy to sing; she was 14 at the time, and would have to change out of her pajamas before heading to the studio.

Lucy Schwartz on keys; Credit: Katie Bain

Lucy Schwartz on keys; Credit: Katie Bain


A big band jam from the final episode of season four, last night it featured Lucy playing the piano and singing while her boyfriend stood in the front row taking pictures. (Adorable). At one point she also tap danced.

Overheard in the crowd: “So, what's the story on season five?”

Personal bias: I wish they would have played “Motherboy.”

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