The top neighborhood for the hottest L.A. singles is probably not what you think it is.

After all, Los Angeles is in the midst of a housing crisis, and young, good-looking people can't always afford to live in the places they used to rule — Venice, Silver Lake, Manhattan Beach. All have become upscale, soccer marm meccas.

Yeah. An analysis of 146,000 of its members' profiles by dating site Zoosk came up with this somewhat contrarian conclusion about the community with “the hottest singles in your city.”

The hottest singles in Greater L.A. are in … Westwood!

Yeah, we think that's a little creepy, too. We still think of Westwood as just a step away from staying with your parents, given its overwhelmingly large population of college students.

Sure, UCLA kids are young and good-looking, but our idea of a singles scene doesn't involve trying to bed someone who just became legal.

If they're not still out there hunting for that hottie in Dolphin shorts, the locals at the Regal Beagle would be turning in their graves, 

Anywhoo, Zoosk says Westwood …

Credit: Zoosk

Credit: Zoosk

 … expresses the youth and diversity of its population through its exciting nightlife and exotic dining experiences.

LOL! Right? Yeah, the folks at Zoosk must not be too familiar with the culture and history of Westwood, which has been downright hostile to “nightlife” since innocent Karen Toshima was the unintended victim of a fatal gang attack in the Village way back in 1988.

There have been rays of hope in Westwood, including the W Hotel, but the local business community has mostly kept a tight lid on fun after dark. The area's not much of a p.m. destination for singles, unless you're into college kids on their evening jogs which, as we said, is kind of creepy.

At least Westwood is Zoosk's “under 35” pick for neighborhoods where you can find hot singles.

The “35 and over” community for the hottest singles is … Beverly Grove. Eh.

The site paired with Yelp to find the hot-spot “first date” restaurants in each community. For Beverly Grove, they chose Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya. For Westwood, it was Bandera.

Happy hunting.

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