The crowds at Coachella this year have been by and large well-behaved. Still, between the heat and the beer, there's a tendency for crowds to get reckless, and we've seen a slew of downright disrespectful behaviors this year. Here are five of the worst — as well as some tips on how to avoid being “that guy” next time around.

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Don't get us wrong, we have no problem with taking a quick snooze after a few hours in the sun, but be mindful of where you do it. Time and again we find ourselves navigating an obstacle course of napping bodies en route to one of the stages. Those sprawling nappers are often taking up prime viewing spots for folks actually interested in watching the show.

The solution: Coachella should designate some designated restings spots, away from the stages and food courts. Until then, folks should stay out of foot traffic routes (like the back left of the outdoor theater) and anywhere between the sound booth and the stage. If you must rest, do it at the far back of the main stage field.

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Credit: Timothy Norris

Credit: Timothy Norris

Obnoxious headgear

We're all for being stylish, but keep your sartorial statement pieces below the neck. The folks wearing piled-up day-glo wigs in the Sahara tent? You're blocking someone's view. When it comes to the Native American headdresses, you're being racist.

The solution: If you can only buy it from a costume store, don't wear it.

Shoving to the front

Who cares if all those folks huddled by the front of the stage have been waiting there for hours to see their favorite band? No matter how closely packed they are, if you push hard enough eventually they'll budge. Sure, you don't even know this band that well, but you and your crew love that one song, and you'll get bored anyway and leave after spending half the set ruining everyone's experience with your heckling and fist pumping.

The solution: First come, first served. Cutting through the crowd to get closer is good and well when there are pockets of space to slip into, but once you feel the bodies start to resist, that's where you stop.

Leaving friends behind

It's 11 p.m. and you're ready to high-tail it back to the hotel. Sure, you haven't heard from the rest of your crew in a few hours, but that probably means they've figured out another way to get back, right? Or, that's what the cab line is for, right?

The solution: Make firm plans for when and where to meet periodically throughout the day, and stick to them; if that changes, pick a meeting spot at the end of the day and don't leave — no matter how tired you are — until your whole crew is accounted for.

Cutting in line

Cutting comes in many forms at Coachella, all of which are equally irritating. Whether you're squeezing yourself into the bottleneck at the beer garden entrance or shoving cash into the hands of the stranger at the front of the bar line in hopes they'll buy you a drink, your middle school sense of entitlement never ceases to astound.

The solution: Get in line like everyone else.

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