Being an Armenian in December is much like being a Jew, Muslim or Buddhist. Yet, Armenians were the first nation to adopt Christianity. But unlike most Christians in the Western world, we give big-ups to Jesus' day o' birth on January 6, which is said to be the original date celebrating both Christ's birth and baptism going back to ancient Rome. It's also at least a week after the lights have come down and the Christmas trees have dried up. Playwright Lory Tatoulian turns this confusion into comedy gold in Big Bad Armo Christmas. “If anybody knows the holidays, it's the Armenians — celebrating Christmas since 301 A.D.” Her cast — Anais Thomassian, Alex Kalognomos, Helen Kalognomos, James Martin and director Voki Kalfayan — performs sketches like “King Trdat and Christianity” and “The Annual Ararat Home Talent Show.” Fresno-born Tatoulian has been staging local shows for the past 10 years, including this year's “Big Bad Armo Show,” which featured more snippets of life off the 134 freeway. (Don't be afraid to visit. Think of it as Silver Lake-adjacent). If you come, she will force-feed you, and then make fun of your weight.

Dec. 17-20, 8 p.m.; Dec. 26-27, 8 p.m., 2009

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