Yesterday, comedian Joan Rivers died at 81.

Many are eulogizing her trailblazing stand-up comedy and relentless skewering on the red carpet.

Rightly so.

But let's not forget that she was also a rapper.

Here are clips of Joan Rivers rapping.


“Shopping For Fitness”


This clip comes from the eponymous VHS tape, which skewers the exercise craze by offering a workout comprised of shopping at the mall. 

High concept, indeed, made even higher-concept by the fact that it features Rivers rapping.

We have to say this comes off far better than it by all means should.



It would be over a decade until Joan Rivers picked up the mic again, reemerging as DJ Joan to kick off the TV Guide Channel's coverage of the 2007 Grammy Awards.

Rivers' mugging makes the old edit-to-make-it-look-like-unlikely-person-is-breakdancing gag surprisingly effective.

[Editors' Note: Props to her for throwing up the West side “W”]

Justin Bieber Diss


A month before her death, Rivers gave us one last rhyme, an acapella battle verse directed at Justin Bieber [2:14 in the video above].

She calls him a “dweeb” and accuses him of drinking from a “sippy cup.” 

The mic drop at the end is pretty baller. 

Those are all the clips we could find of Joan Rivers rapping, but, as you can see below, she had mad hip-hop credibility. 

Beastie Boys Interview

On The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers she hosted the Beastie Boys, not long after the arrival of License to Ill.

Sure, she gets the name of the album wrong, but this clip is still a winner because of the interview, with the group and Rivers trading insults. “None of you like like I'd pick you for success,” she says at one point.

SK Energy Commercial with 50 Cent

Rivers and 50 Cent, two celebrities much loved by many, but with no shortage of haters, were a natural fit in this commercial for 50's energy drink SK.

He recalled it in this quite-touching Instagram tribute.

RIP DJ Joan! 

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