Despite the fact that San Diego has for decades been California's second-largest city, it's number-one L.A. and third-place San Francisco that have been the West Coast's most-bitter rivals.

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The Bay Area might have the Giants, the 49ers, and a red-hot tech scene. But L.A. will always have sex. And we're not just talking about our multi-billion-dollar porn industry.

Yeah, we beat up San Francisco pretty good on this list of the Golden State's most sexually active cities:


The folks over at Spreadsheets, the app that helps you track your sexual performance stats (sort of like a pedometer for your bedroom), recently calculated for us the five California cities with the highest number of recorded sexual encounters.

You know we got this.

Here are the top five, including the number of hookups in each town for the year through mid-October, according to Spreadsheets:

Los Angeles – 20,959
San Francisco – 13,110
San Diego – 6,455
Sacramento – 3,350
Santa Barbara – 2,868

Credit: Emily Hildebrand/Flickr

Credit: Emily Hildebrand/Flickr


Statewide, the average game time was 3.28 minutes, Spreadsheets says.

However … were we to calculate this ranking based on per capita figures (weighing results by population), which we will not, San Francisco would have us beat, since the city of L.A. alone is more than four times the size of S.F.

Yeah, the Bay is freaky, and we'll also give an honorable mention to San Diego. 

A rep for Spreadsheets says, however, this might be more about the kind of people who have sex with their apps running than the number of freaks in each town:

Los Angeles and San Fran most likely top the chart due to their willingness to embrace new technologies.

In any case, we'll take the victory. Lord knows we're not going to beat San Francisco in football with our nonexistent NFL team.

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