This post is a tad bit personal, but sometimes I like to share.

When it comes to my five favorite things to masturbate with, I'll start with the one I use most and take it from there.

A. The Eroscillator. I absolutely love this vibrator. It's a three speed plug-in, and while it's not the prettiest sex toy around, it is one of those toys that everyone who has one, loves.

It looks like an old school electric tooth brush, only it's bronzed, and it comes with as many different heads as you're willing to buy. It's a pricey toy, but mine has lasted more than three years (and counting).

B. Hands. You don't need plugs or batteries when you've got your own digits to play with. Your fingers can be some of the best masturbation tools around, and I like to use mine with some additional lube.

C. The njoy Pure Wand. If you only get one non-vibrating sex toy in your life, make it the Pure Wand. This is a great toy for G-spot stimulation, and it's heavy, hard and cold. (It's made of stainless steel). The curve works well for squirting enthusiasts too!

D. My brain. I love to think about hot sexy things that have happened to me, especially lovers with whom I've had great times. I love fantasizing about someone going down on me (simple but true) or a really hot text that I received, or even something that simply makes me smile.

E. My pelvic floor. I squeeze and release my pubococcygeus muscles every time I masturbate to make my orgasms feel bigger, badder and stronger.

Doing this has seriously changed how I experience orgasm (even though they are still clitoral orgasms, I feel them more internally). Plus, the vagina is a muscle, and like other muscles, it needs to be strengthened to keep it going strong for long.

So next time you're peeing (guys can do this too), stop the pee stream and then let it go, and stop. Once you've mastered the PC squeeze while you pee, you can keep it up all day.

Driving, sitting at your desk, ordering a smoothie – the opportunities to strengthen your O muscles are endless!

Honorable Masturbation Mention: The Spingasm.

It's this fairly new contraption. I saw it for the first time this year, but the inventor spent a lot of time thinking this one through.

It's large, looks like it could be handy around your home for drilling and other handywork, and it's got buttons for rotation and direction. You insert different head attachments on it, (you can use a Fleshlight if you're a guy who wants to get a non-human BJ) and there are soft disk-like heads for women to enjoy.

I honestly forgot The Spingasm wasn't human at one point when I thought to  myself, “Am I taking too long? Is she/he getting tired?” And that's the best part – The Spingasm doesn't get tired! It's rechargeable (go green!) and runs for hours, so start stretching! 

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